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This is the section where we hopefully answer most, if not all, of those often asked awkward questions.....

Firstly let us introduce ourselves, we are English Rose Escort Agency and our North London Escorts are well established within the North London, Hertfordshire and Essex areas.

Although we've been around for a little while now we've still kept our prices low & very competitive compared to some agencies and we are proud of the extremely high standards that we have continued to adhere to which is no more than our clientele have come to expect from us over the years. 

We have of course, British escorts, and also other ladies of various nationalities, as we here at English Rose Escorts believe that 'variety is the spice of life' and with this we try to cater to all our clients needs by providing a diverse range of not only beautiful but also intellectual and well travelled, educated British & European companions.

We have built up an extremely good reliable reputation with our loyal clients and will continue to uphold this by ensuring that ALL our clients, new AND returning, get exactly who and what they ask for when booking an English Rose Escort and we wouldn't settle for anything less than this perfection which is why we do actually personally meet each and every one of our applicants before then inviting them to join our team of 100% verified genuine ladies, all of which you can see in our gallery of gorgeous girls.

This is my first time booking an escort

For every experience there is always a 'FIRST TIME' and all our English Rose Escorts are very understanding and willing to take the time within your booking to make you feel at ease ... plus our friendly receptionists are also more than happy to recommend certain ladies best suited for your first time experience.

How do I make a booking

Our booking process is extremely easy and can be done in either of two ways 1. by completing the online ' bookings & contact ' form here on our website OR 2. by making a quick phone call to English Rose Escort agency on 07709 972 265 whereupon our friendly reception staff will call you to confirm your full details ie. your name, your contact number, the address and postcode of the location of your date, and of course, the day and time you wish to meet your chosen escort. At this time our friendly receptionist will also confirm with you the rate/cost of your booking with your chosen escort ( including any travel expenses ) so you know that there will be no hidden costs when your date arrives. The price we quote is the price you pay.

What is expected of me

All our ladies are chosen for their friendly disposition and are expected to be courteous, polite and respectful to their client and we obviously expect this in return.

Our ladies will arrive to your booking clean & smartly dressed and would greatly appreciate if you also took the time to wash & dress smart and provide a nice atmosphere for when she arrives. 

We also ask that payment for your time with your chosen escort is made within the first 5 minutes and all our ladies are instructed to ask for this on arrival, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your evening.

What payment methods do you accept

At present we accept cash or bank transfer. (for more details on bank transfer please call 07709 972 265 to enquire) ... you also have the option and possibly with a small tip to our drivers, you can also ask to be taken to your closest cash-point if needed.

Are the fees negotiable

NO! All fees are set and none negotiable so please don't ask, although we do have discounted rates for longer bookings if you wish to extend your time with your English Rose Escort.

Will there be additional or hidden costs

NO! The price we quote you when booking your English Rose Escort is the price you pay when she arrives. We pride ourselves on being a professional, reliable and trustworthy agency and ALL our ladies' rates are set the same so that there is no misunderstanding or confusion when arranging your date with any of our gorgeous ladies and ALL our girls are aware of the cost of your booking so will not ask for more when they arrive.

NB: The only cost you may incur is if you cancel a booking when the lady is well on her way or if you refuse her on arrival. (Our ladies are 100% genuine and the lady you choose is the lady that will arrive to your booking...)

Can I extend my booking

YES! Certainly you can extend your booking ... anything from 30 minutes upto 8 hours or more, providing that your chosen escort is comfortable with this, all we ask is that either yourself or our English Rose Escort call the agency 5 or 10 minutes BEFORE your booking time expires to discuss and confirm the extra costs.

Can I book more than one escort at a time

Again, YES...some of our ladies are more than happy to work in pairs but please call us to discuss your actual requirements and to see which ladies are comfortable with each other as your enjoyment and satisfaction are foremost in our work ethics and the happier our ladies are together the more memorable your experience will be.

Are there any cancellation fees

There are NO CANCELLATION FEES if you book in advance as the booking will always be confirmed an hour before your actual booking time and you can cancel anytime before this.

However, if your chosen English Rose Escort is well on her way to the booking and you change your mind, then we ask a £60 cancellation to cover travel costs and time lost, to be paid to our driver on arrival.

Can I speak with or contact the escort directly

As a rule NO, we do not allow direct communication between a client and our escorts BEFORE a booking is made because our friendly receptionist know everything there is to know about our English Rose Escorts and will happily point you in the right direction and recommend the ladies that are best suited to your requirements ... BUT, once your booking is confirmed, your chosen lady will call you, usually on a witheld number, to confirm she is on her way ... you may then take this opportunity to discuss with her what to expect from your booking if you wish.

How far in advance do I need to book/how far in advance can I book

In general we take bookings from short notice ie. within an approximate 30 minute to 1 hour from booking to the arrival of your chosen escort (if she is available of course...) Sometimes your choice of lady will be in your area and able to arrive sooner... but we do recommend that you give us as much notice as is feasibly possible, especially for our more popular escorts as they tend to be booked up well in advance (days in advance sometimes...) 

In terms of maximum time scale, we are happy to take bookings for your chosen lady upto 1 month in advance but we are also well aware that even the best laid plans tend to change at the last minute, whether it be your plans have changed or your chosen escort has become unavoidably unavailable so, ALL advanced bookings are again officially confirmed 1 hour BEFORE your requested time of booking, by one of our receptionists, and before your lady sets off to meet you. You can also cancel any prior booking made at anytime before this confirmation call from our reception staff.

*Please be assured that our girls will not just turn up on your doorstep without a confirmation call from our receptionist first!!

What are your opening times

ENGLISH ROSE ESCORT AGENCY is OPEN for calls AFTER 7pm, 365 days a year but not all our girls work every day so, with this in mind it's always worth calling in advance or when we are open if your looking to book a particular companion for a certain time, date, event or evening ....

Sunday - Wednesday we take calls from 7pm until LATE

Thursday - Saturday we take calls from 7pm until 6am

Are you OUTCALL or INCALL and what is the difference

English Rose Escorts are an OUTCALL agency - the difference being  *OUT CALL* basically means that the lady/escort visits you, either at you're own private residence OR a nice suite/room in the hotel of your choice OR a dinner date in a swanky restaurant OR anywhere that's OUT... where in contrast an *IN-CALL* is when you visit the lady at her place of work usually a nice cosy discrete apartment.

Outcalls do tend to be a little higher in cost this being due to the extra time, effort and money your escort has had to invest usually in travelling to the location of your required date.

Is it legal to book an escort

Yes it is completely legal to book an escort - here in England and also in any other part of the UK it is not against the law to book an escort and it's not against the law to chose to be an escort although there are laws against street prostitution.

Here at English Rose Escorts all our girls are free to work when they like and to take or refuse bookings as they see fit and are with our agency purely for us to promote them in the best way we possibly can and also because we can offer them the safety and security we have with the use of our drivers in this, the business of their choice, and in no way do we control who they see or what they choose to do within the bookings that we, as the 'middle man', provide.

Can I leave a review and if so how

We really do like it when clients leave a review on their favourite girls' profile...positive feedback is always GRRRRREAT for our girls' moral, and for us here at English Rose, as it shows that the FIRST CLASS service we are providing as an agency is truly appreciated and keeps us wanting to prove to everyone out there that we do have the best North London Escorts around and to ensure that you and your friends will keep on coming back for more!!!

Leaving a review is optional of course but how do we know we're doing it right unless you actually tell us!? All reviews are anonymous and as far as we are aware, completely genuine, and have been left by our loyal clients that have used our wonderful escort services and continue to do so.

To write a review all you need to do is open your favourite girls' profile by clicking on her photos and in the lower right hand box labelled 'REVIEWS' , complete the details as requested and push 'post review' , this will then be posted on the HOME page or her profile within 24hrs.

NB: We do delete *hate posts* and *spam mail* as these really don't benefit anyone!!

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