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A day in the life of a Hertfordshire escort

08 April 2017

I absolutely love my job working as a Hertfordshire escort, every day is different and full of opportunities... and today is no exception, today I'm on my way to a luxourious apartment block in Ware, I've been here many times before and my pussy gives a little purr when that call comes in from the horniest fuck I've ever had, yes...even as an escort, and I've had a few .... anyway, I digress...Daniel is the owner of this amazing apartment and earth shattering orgasms are his calling card.

Whilst sitting on route in the taxi just gazing out of the window, the sun is shining, Spring has definitely sprung, my mind begins to wander (as do my hands...) to thoughts of him or more specifically, his hands. I imagine them, large and rough, caressing up and down my thighs instead of my own, inching slowly up towards my by now rather moist mound; brushing my slit through my soaking wet panties...I clench my thighs together in anticipation of what is to come, I take a deep breath; hmmmmm and let out a deep longing sigh and regain control, it won't be long before I have the real thing....

I arrive a few moments later feeling a little more than hot under the collar, I saunter up the stairs of the apartment block, my heels clicking along the walk way... Daniel's door is open so without knocking I enter, and there he stands...a quiver from my quim at the sight of this gorgeous hunk of male flesh who knows exactly what to do to make a woman feel like a woman! Walking up to him I reach my hands up into his dark messy locks and pull him towards me, I kiss him deeply and he plunges his tongue into my mouth as our eyes drift shut in anticipation and pleasure. He kisses me harder and bites my lip before he pulls me back with my hair gripped in his hand, he rips open my blouse and nuzzles my breasts before tugging at one of the hard nubs with his teeth....I moan as he growls wanting more.....needing more!

Our clothes in a heap on the floor, I stand before him in just my suspenders and heels knowing how hot it makes him when I dig the stilettos into his firm arse cheeks. Daniel hoists me up onto the dining table and I wrap myself around him, he pulls my arms away, grabbing both wrists in one hand and presses them against the dark wood of the table and I know he wants me to keep them there. He slides his hands down my bodypinching my nipples sharpley on the way. My pussy again tightens in anticipation of what is to come...he spreads my legs apart and licks up my slit, grazing my clit with his teeth....my hips buck involuntarily towards him in pleasure, his soft velvet tongue caressing my tender flesh; alternating between nibbling at my swollen clit and gently licking to soothe the pain. I lose control when he plunges two thick fingers into me, pumping them deeper and faster with each stroke. I clamp my thighs around his head as I feel my orgasm begin to flow through me....and as I cum, I scream out and throw my head back in sweet sweet ecstasy.

Once I recover he lifts me forward and I look up into his eyes, he smiles...he knows it's his turn now...I lean forward and wrap my red lipstick coated lips around the swollen head of his cock, craning my neck so I can devour every delicious bit, watching him as I swallow and take him inch by inch he groans as I pull him further into my mouth, relaxing my jaw as much as I possibly can so I can deepthroat him .... another thing he loves me to do. Cupping his balls in my hands I feel them clench as he gets closer to his release. I bob my head up and down, up and down ...my tongue twisting and teasing around the engorged head of Daniel's amazing cock....my own body tingling knowing he is so close....he yanks back my hair and clutches me to him, I can feel his meaty dick pressed against my stomach and I cry out again as he slams hard into my soaked shaven pussy. Thrust upon thrust I can feel him pressing against my G spot, I clench my pussy walls tightly around him, milking him and without much notice I gush uncontrollably and cum over his stomach, soaking his balls with my juices, Daniel draws in a breath as he feels my hot, sticky flow and grunts; he can hold back no longer and with one final thrust, releases his hot seed into me....totally satisfied, he winks at me, we get dressed and with a knowing smile we say our goodbyes...until the next time and ANOTHER DAY IN THE LIFE of a HERTFORDSHIRE ESCORT

Diane x




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