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I can't get no, satisfaction ...

05 May 2017


Not exactly the words any man wants to hear his wife or girlfriend say now is it, not at any stage of their relationship .. but, if things are getting a little stale and you're comfortable enough with each other to suggest you spice it up a bit, English Rose Escorts would like to share with you (and her too of course...) 10 exciting ways to please your woman and send her wild in bed ...

Now all you guys out there take note, satisfying a woman in bed, on the sofa, or even over the kitchen sink.. really isn't rocket science, it's actually about understanding the woman that you're with. We're all women yes and our 'bits' are in the same places but, and it's a big BUT, just like you men, we all have slight variations on what 'gets us off' and some of these tips will work on some of us but others may not ... the fun is in the trying !!


Be Assertive  Being a little more dominant, slightly rough and aggressive in the bedroom is a sure-fire way to increase a woman's pleasure, it makes her feel desired and wanted, especially if you also are a bit noisy with it too, show her how much you want her ... animal-like, pull her hair, jerk it back (gently of course...) tie her up or even spank her ( Mr Christian Grey has a lot to answer for on this one ... ) You could also try pinning her wrists above her head and nibble at her neck, this position certainly seems to get the juices flowing and a quiver or two. Believe it or not we women want you to take control and assert your dominance... we actually LIKE to be taken!!


Talk Dirty  Now, unlike you men who can get horny in a split second by what you see, we ladies tend to take our time at getting turned on, we are verbal creatures and a bit of 'Yeah baby, you know you like it...' and you telling us what it is you'd like to do to us, really turns us on. We like to hear how turned on you are by what you see and what we're doing. Adding a 'naughty' word or something stronger (getting a little 'naaasty' with it ) really does add to our pleasure and sure makes for a wilder ride.


MORE Oral Sex  To us not to you ! It takes time for us ladies to get to the same point as you during oral sex but it is by far THE best way for increasing our arousal and yes, varying the position and pressure of your tongue, alternating between sucking, licking and biting, and showing us just how much you enjoy dining on our juices really does 'bring us off'. You'll get to know what the best moves are by the ones we respond too more enthusiastically and from the horny moans coming out of our mouths.


Focus on ALL of her  We women have erogenous zones all over our bodies and contrary to popular male belief, not just in our vagina. We like to be kissed and licked and also nibbled in many different spots. Picking the area we are more sensitive in will heighten our pleasure, like kissing or nibbling behind her ear or nips to her neck, licking and stroking her inner thighs and stomach; all are great spots as the thin skin magnifies each sensation


Clitoral Stimulation During Sex  The obvious 'hot spot' to taste and tease us fairer sex during foreplay is on and around the clitoris but this sensitive little nub is often forgotten about during intercourse it self ; now you guys need to know that most of us ladies can't actually orgasm without a bit of clitoral stimulation so, by paying more attention to 'IT' during sex, will actually really 'ROCK' our world... and yours too because the intensity of our orgasms will increase tenfold, especially if you start off slowly by teasing, tweaking and rubbing our little hard bean between your fingers then gradually increase the pace and pressure, harder and faster ... and when our pleasure is heightened it's not only us that reaps the benefit, you get the rewards, and one very satified little lady .... 


G-Spot Pleasure  Now the G-Spot is not always the easiest thing to locate but soooo much fun for us women as you have to use your fingers internally to find it ...a tip, it's approximately 5cm's into our vagina, along the front wall, but don't worry if you don't find it I can assure you that the sensation and pleasure we get from the circular motion and slight internal pressure of your fingers in this area is AMAZING and ranks you much higher in our books for just attempting to find it...


Boobs  A woman's breasts are another erogenous zone, it's not just about the nipple ... you should caress and gently squeeze the entire breast and be sure to pay attention to the underside too, very sensitive and believe me, a lick followed by a gentle warm blow will have her whole body tingling. Remember though guys, they're not just for foreplay; be sure to pamper them during sex too ...


Experiment  And I don't mean a Chemistry lesson, I mean mixing it up a little once in a while; spice things up a bit and keep it interesting not only for us but for you as well. I've given you a few ideas already but how about changing the type of sex you have? Be spontaneous, have a quickie once in a while, whenever and where ever the mood takes you ... whilst cooking dinner .. washing up ...bending over whilst making the bed ... which brings me to the changing the position or location bit. Basically, doing it a little differently every now and again, will make the whole experience a better one


Talk  A wierd thing to say maybe, but I don't mean constantly and I don't mean always during sex, I mean if you're in doubt then talk to us, we women like to know you care; care about what we want as obviously we know what feels good for us and what doesn't. Because the more you know what feels good the more confident you will be in your delivery ... and in turn, if it feels right our pleasure is intensified and WE, as in you and us, can both have an amazing sexy time!!


And one last thing, but 'THE' most important ... Let Her Orgasm FIRST!!  Not always easy or actually neccessary during a quickie but when you're in for the long haul and having a session, acheiving the big 'O' is for us as is for you, the high point of intercourse but we need far more time to reach that climax than you do, therefore , if you do come before we do, it's pretty likely that we won't come at all ! So here is where you need to take control and do whatever you can to prolong your own release and hold out for a little longer ... re read ALL the above nine tips, put most, if not all in to practice ... take your time and BOOM ... explosive together PLEASURE !!!



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